Hippie Killer


Seeds: 5

Type: Indica/Sativa
Cup Winner: No
THC Level: awaiting results…
Height: Medium
Genetics: LovePotion 1.1 x Brazilian Indica
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

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Product Description

Hippie Killer is Seedism’s first release created by our friends in Cali.

They grow quite similar to the BLZBud, very bushy plants that just seems to love her vegetative cycle but show very little stretch during this period, especially when topped after about four-five weeks.

Yields can be very high, with buds growing over more than 30% of the branches.

These buds will start densifying when about 6-7 weeks into the flowering cycle and will need branch support before that.

The Hippie Killer is Very potent, and very quick.

You wont have to wait too long for that first wave of effects to arrive, starting instantly with a gentle slap in the face when first the THC reaches its target.

Soon your eyelids get heavier and a feeling of overwhelming calmness comforts you like a very large but very soft pillow.

This ofcourse is the moment when the ever so important CBD starts making its first move, relaxing your body with no chance for any physical resistance.


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